Did you know there’s a new bar styling it up on Gurwood Street in Wagga?

Eyelash curlers, mascara wands, eye shadow palettes and the bright rouge shades of lipsticks are scattered on the marble topped counter below a large mirror sprawling across one wall.

Hairdressers delicately braid strands of wispy curls, and twist hair around styling tools, while beauticians carefully smooth the skin with loose mineral powders… Girls are giggling and gasbagging about their upcoming event – from dinner dates, to race days, to weddings, to school formals, to Christmas parties, to lunches with friends, all relishing the opportunity for a touch of pampering and to glam-up.

The Style Bar Wagga is a unique offering to the regional city specialising in waxing and tanning, makeup and hair styling, not only accepting scheduled appointments but walk-ins too. It’s a service that has continued to grow since it opened its doors in September, and even most recently hosting a special gathering to educate local ladies on how to achieve their own on-trend looks.

“We have been seeing a lot of garden events at the moment, so pastels, black and whites and monochromes. As a makeup artist I guide the girls on the colour of their eyes, using pops of colour, whatever they really feel naturally comfortable with. With hair, we are seeing a lot of soft and elegant curls. Certainly the celebrities attending awards ceremonies and race wear millinery styles such as flower crowns and detailed metal headbands have been influencing these looks and girls we are seeing are now coming in to have a similar style. We have also seen an emergence of added braids, whether it be a soft braid subtly tucked in underneath or wrapped at the back, to making more of a feature of it,” beautician Dimity Heffernan tells me.

“We are getting a lot of girls bringing in pictures they’ve seen on Instagram pages and on Pinterest, and we definitely support this because these well-known celebrities are still definitely having the biggest impact on the trends for the industry.”

Dimity says that browns, bronze and a nude palette are trending for makeup styles, with burgundy, purple lips proving a popular choice.

But, of course, for summer, it’s all about achieving that beautiful golden glow for your skin, and Dimity shares her secrets for achieving the perfect bronzed look.

“It’s definitely important to exfoliate before a tan, shave the night beforehand or wax up to two days prior to getting a tan. Avoid using any moisturisers or deodorants until after showering after a tan…”

And I also asked Dimity her top tips to remove a tan, when it does begin to wear off.

“After the second shower after receiving a tan, I really recommend using a moisturiser and if you were to get one with the same DHA level as the tan, this will act as a booster, so it shouldn’t crack and it will diminish the natural DHA levels in your skin as well. However, if you are wanting to take it completely off, and I’ve also used this, is using bicarb soda in the bath. It also acts to exfoliate your skin… it just leaves your bath a little bit dirty at the end of the process.”

Another important philosophy for the team is to offer all organic products, including Jane Iredale mineral makeup.

“I think everyone is wanting to support organic products, not wanting fillers and added products that may be harmful to their skin later in life, so all our products are organic, from the shampoos and conditioners, to the makeup and tanning ranges,” Dimity says.

Friends and owners of The Style Bar Wagga, Belinda Allitt, who is a mum-of-three and works full-time as a marketing communications manager, and Alana Higgins, a mum-of-four with a retail management background, first became interested in creating the new offering after discussing (what they chuckle was over a lunch involving spilt drinks and active children after watching a very wiggly concert earlier this year), that they felt were limited options to have a blow dry at short notice, or have hair and makeup styling done in the one salon.

“We think it’s really convenient for people, they don’t have to try and line-up appointments, and change parking spaces,” Belinda says.

Now, The Style Bar Wagga offers hair blow-drys, up-styles, hair conditioning treatments, makeup, including eyelashes, bridal makeup, and even fancy dress styles.

“We had someone in the other day who was attending a ‘groovy 1950’s’ style party and she left here with heavy makeup and a big hair style, really looking like she’d stepped back in time!” Dimity says.

It’s a service that local copywriter and mum-of-two (and our special model) Bec Braid has been using, and during a special styling session to demonstrate the most popular on-trend hair and makeup styles, she relished the chance to have her hair and makeup professionally done to then spend the evening with her family at a local festival.

So, next time as a busy mum you’re struggling with getting those GHD curls quite right, or you’re a young girl getting ready for a formal or debutante ball, you’re in a bridal party or need to attend a special event or even a family portrait sitting, and also want to stay on-trend with the colour palette for makeup looks, we’re thinking this new beauty bar would definitely be worth a visit.


Words & Pictures: Rosie O’Keeffe